In LOGTECH we believe that preventive maintenance of machinery is the best maintenance. That’s why we always offer our clients under the MCI service.

What is the industrial preventive maintenance?

Perform periodic inspections of the operating and security settings, analysis, cleaning, lubrication, calibration … on the basis of a maintenance plan established, not the operator demand for a repair is necessary.

The goal of industrial preventive maintenance is to prevent problems that may have a machine, correct them in a timely manner and maintain the machinery at optimum performance and efficiency.

What are the advantages of a good preventive maintenance?

With good preventive maintenance of machinery, you get to learn more about each machine status, working conditions and weak to determine the source of faults points. With this intelligence, it is possible:

    Increased safety for the operator.
    Maximum availability of machinery.
    Increased productivity.
    Lower cost in maintenance and repairs.
    Longer teams.